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ECOSYSTEM reef seeds by Salty Revolution.

Our new range of ECOSYSTEM packs.

Stability through biodiversiity.

A revolutionary new approach to reefkeeping.

What you get in these pack - reef seeds coral packs.

  • In each ECOSYSTEM reef seeds coral pack you get 1, 2, or 3, baby corals (see image for details).
  • In packs containing 2 or 3 corals all of the corals will be different colours or patterns to each other. For example if it says 3x Green Zoas then you will get 3 coral frags of Zoas, and each frag will be a different type of Zoas. They will all be green, or, green will be one of the main colours in them.
  • Reef seeds are baby corals. They are smaller than our standard frags, so that you can get more types of corals, for less cost.


What are reef seeds?

Reef seeds are baby corals, which are smaller than our standard frag size.

Typical sizes of reef seeds:

  • Clove polyps - 1-3 polyps.
  • Palys - 1-2 polyps.
  • Zoas - typically 1-3 polyps/
  • GSP - On average about the size of a 5p coin when open.
  • Other soft corals - On average about the size of a 5p coin when open.
  • Mushrooms - A baby mushroom, usually around 5p size when open.
  • Leather corals - 12mm to 38mm (0.5” to 1.5”).

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