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Seed your reef with lots of baby corals.

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ECOSYSTEM by Salty Revolution.

Transform your aquarium from a tank of fish and corals into a complete little Ecosystem with our Salty Revolution Ecosystem Packs. Not just CUC packs, but, an entire miniature Ecosystem.

When you see a coral reef in the wild they are a true wonder of mother nature. The towering structures of coral, and the huge shoals of brightly coloured fish are certainly attention grabbing. When you look more closely though you will see a myriad of tiny creatures all going about their daily business in amongst the corals. Just like a tropical rainforest the diversity of small creatures is astonishing.

All of these little creatures each have their own role in helping to maintain a healthy thriving ecosystem. From humble snails eating nuisance algae, charming little hermit crabs tidying up scraps of uneaten food, to strange little conchs cleaning the sand, all these animals are working around the clock to help maintain balance in the ecosystem. The huge diversity of different animals is key to ensuring all these niches are filled.

Now you too can recreate a scaled down version of this within your aquarium, with our Ecosystem packs. This carefully chosen selection of reef safe animals will add a whole new dimension to your aquarium. Not only will they be interesting and entertaining in their own right, but, they will each fulfil a vital role in your aquarium helping to transform it from a water filled glass box containing fish and corals, into a fully functioning ecosystem.

These Salty Revolution Ecosystem packs are designed to suit reef aquariums, for larger aquariums simply add more packs. Even adding just a few packs will start to make a difference, even in quite large aquariums, so you can add a few packs now, and then add more to it later, or, to gain all the benefits straight away simply add all the packs now.

Occasionally some species may be unavailable, if so a substitute similar species of equal or higher value may be sent, you will still get at least the same number of species and animals.

ECOSYSTEM - Stability through biodiversity.