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    • All the latest changes to the website, key information, and updates on the latest news on; corals, inverts, and, fish etc.

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    • Expected lead times on new and existing orders.

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    • This page! - I've created this page to keep you up to date with all the latest news, offers, and lead times on new orders. Previously we had relied on blog posts and emails to keep you up to date (and we will still be doing those). But, this new page is much quicker and easier for me to update than writing a whole blog post or email, and it makes it far easier for you to quickly find out about the latest news, offers, lead times, etc.
    • New accounts - If you haven't already done so then please do create an account for this website. It will make it much quicker and easier for you to place orders, plus there will soon be some additional features for people with accounts.
    • Legacy accounts - To view account info and orders from before 1st Oct 2023 there is now a link in the header.
    • VIP mailing list - If you haven't already done so then consider joining our VIP mailing list, so you don't miss out on new arrivals and special VIP offers. It's free to join and you can unsubscribe at any time.
  • New LPS - Cyphastrea

    • I've added 20+ types of Cyphastrea to the website this week. Although not all of them are available to order yet.
    • 11 colours of Cyphastrea can currently be ordered, and I plan to expand that out quite a lot over the next few months.
    • We already farm 80+ colours of Discoma mushrooms in store, 60+ colours of Zoas, 30+ colours of GSP, and, 30+ other types of corals. I'll be adding a few more types to those as yet, but, the next big objective for the farm is to create a farm for Cyphastrea.
    • I'll be putting out a blog post in the next few days explaining why this is such a fantastic coral, and why I think this is going to be one of the most sought after corals in 2024.
    • Inverts are now (finally) arriving in decent numbers.
    • So far in October we've cleared up over half of all existing invert orders, and the majority of the rest of the invert orders should be cleared by the end of this month.
    • I've started work on reorganising the way we stock inverts going forward, and before long all inverts should be on 4-14 days lead times, just like the WYSIWYG's are.
    • Fish are now added to the website, but, are listed for information only. We are not taking any new orders on fish.
    • Delays, delays . . .
    • I am working on it, and hopefully the first fish shipment for ages now should arrive maybe this coming week, and if not then the week after.
    • If you've got fish currently on order and wanted to change to corals or inverts, then email me.
  • Things to look out for:

    • Hottest Sellers - New Hottest Sellers page so you can see what are currently our most popular items.
    • ECOSYSTEM Reef Seeds - A new range of ECOSYSTEM packs of micro coral frags. A great way to add a lot more diversity to your reef at a very low cost.
    • More WYSIWYG's - The next batch of new WYSIWYG's should be online by the weekend.
  • New orders

    Expect delivery within 4-28 days.

    Current estimated lead times on new orders:

    • WYSIWYG items: 4-12 days.
    • Most corals: 7-21 days. - Euphyllia corals 14-28 days.
    • Inverts: 12-21 days.
    • Dry goods: 3-14 days.
    • Fish: We are not taking any new orders for fish.
  • WYSIWYG orders

    Expect delivery within 4-12 days.

    • Nearly all WYSIWYG orders are being delivered within 12 days.
    • Most WYSIWYG orders are being delivered within 4-7 days.
    • The only WYSIWYG orders over 14 days are orders that are "hand delivery only" and awaiting a hand delivery route to their area.
  • Coral orders

    Expect delivery of most coral types within 7-21 days.

    Torches and Frogspawn corals: expect delivery within 7-28 days.

    • Nearly all coral orders are being delivered within 21 days.
    • Most coral orders are being delivered within 7-12 days.
    • Some coral orders are over 21 days. There are currently order queues on; a small number of named Zoas, some colours of Euphyllias, purple Montipora, and SPS colonies (most SPS frags are unaffected).
  • Invert orders

    Expect delivery within 12-21 days.

    • We currently have order queues on many inverts, due to supply chain issues, but, queue times are now getting shorter.
    • Nearly all orders for inverts should be completed within the next 21 days.
    • Most orders for inverts should be completed within the next 12 days.
  • Fish orders

    Delays on all species.

    Expect delivery within 12-28 days.

    • We are not taking any new orders for fish.
    • There are order queues currently on all fish species.
    • We are working to complete all remaining fish orders as quickly as possible.
  • Dry goods orders

    Expect delivery within 3-14 days.

    • We have had some delays on some dry goods orders.
    • Nearly all dry goods orders should be completed within the next 14 days.
    • Most dry goods orders should be completed within the next 9 days.
  • In this section:

    • About us
    • Terms of service (T&C), and, general delivery information
    • Other delivery information
    • Unpacking and acclimating
    • Amendments & cancellations
    • Contact us
    • Privacy policy

  • About us - Salty Revolution, Mildenhall, nr Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, UK.

    • James Goodchild created Salty Revolution jointly with Dale Frankland back in 2016. Unfortunately in 2020 Dale suffered a fatal heart attack, aged just 34 years old. Salty Revolution is now solely owned by James.
    • James started his first marine only aquarium shop over a decade ago, in 2013. James has been keeping marines for 37 years, starting in the hobby in 1986.
    • Originally Salty Revolution was primarily a retail business, but, it was always expected that the web side would eventually overtake the retail side.
    • In 2021 we became the largest marine livestock retailer in the UK, overtaking the Maidenhead Aquatics group on number of marine animals sold that year.
    • In the 2021/2022 fiscal year we imported more than 60,000 marine fish, inverts, and, corals, into the UK, totalling more than 9,000kg of air freight.
    • In 2022 over 20,000 marine fish, 40,000+ inverts, and more than 90,000 corals/coral frags, went through our systems.
    • In early 2023 Salty Revolution stopped opening to the general public, and finally made the switch over to being an online only retailer.
    • We typically deliver anywhere from 5,000 to 16,000 marine animals to UK hobbyists each month.
    • To give you an idea of the scale, that's more marine animals most months than TMC's entire UK wholesale operation!
    • However, before anyone starts thinking we are a slick organised operation, bear in mind that I almost certainly also hold the number 1 spot for the: "Number of days in a year that you flooded the place because you (yet again) forgot you still had a hose running award". - James

  • T&C, and, general delivery information

    Minimum order value

    • Orders must be a minimum of £19 of products before any discounts are applied.


    Delivery areas

    • We deliver to all of mainland; England, Wales and Scotland (including Highlands). We also deliver to the Isle of Wight, and any island connected to the mainland by road bridge..
    • Due to customs regulations / logistical issues, we cannot deliver to Northern Ireland, any other islands, or, anywhere outside the UK.

    Delivery charge

    • Delivery is free on all orders of £79 or more. Delivery is also free for regular customers (see below). For all other orders a delivery charge of £19 applies.
    • We send out free delivery codes to our regular customers each month. To make sure you receive these emails check that you have accepted marketing emails, and check spam/junk folders (preferably on a desktop PC as many apps filter out emails). If you are unsure if you are registered for marketing emails then email me at jamesgoodchild@live.com including the words "I wish to subscribe to marketing emails".

    FREE delivery for regular customers

    • We send out free delivery codes to our regular customers each month. To make sure you receive these emails check that you have accepted marketing emails, and check spam/junk folders (preferably on a desktop PC as many apps filter out emails). If you are unsure if you are registered for marketing emails then email me at jamesgoodchild@live.com including the words "I wish to subscribe to marketing emails".
    • We generally consider you a regular customer if any of these apply:
    • If you have ordered in at least 2 of the last 3 calendar months.
    • Or, you have ordered in at least 4 of the last 6 calendar months.
    • Or, if your first online order with us was placed before 1st December 2022.
    • Or, if all your orders placed with us total £500 or more.
    • If ANY of the above apply then you should count as a regular customer.
    • If you are a regular customer and have not received a free delivery code, then please email me to check.
  • Other delivery information

    • All items are delivery only. You cannot collect from store, and we do not open to the general public.
    • Sometimes order(s) are split into 2 deliveries. If we split your order(s) we do not charge for any additional deliveries.
    • Most WYSIWYG items are delivered within 7 days. Most other items are delivered within 7-28 days. We try to complete your order(s) as quickly as we can, but, delays may happen at busy times, due to Bank holidays, or, poor weather, etc. 
    • As soon as your order (or a significant part of your order) is ready we will email you to arrange delivery. We will only send your order after you have confirmed the delivery date is ok. Don't worry we never send out livestock without you having confirmed that date is ok first.
    • Please wait for us to email you, because answering emails uses up a lot of time, and raising a query on your order may delay your delivery. If we haven't emailed you yet, then your order is not ready yet. Remember to check your email address on your order confirmation is correct.
    • Sometimes emails go into spam/junk folders, adding my email address (jamesgoodchild@live.com) to your contacts list often solves this.
    • Many mobile phone email apps filter out a lot of emails without you knowing. So check your app settings. If you check your emails on a desktop PC via a browser (Chrome/Firefox/etc) then generally they will show all emails (remember to also check spam/junk).
    • Around 50% of all our deliveries we personally hand deliver. The remainder of orders we deliver using Royal Mail special delivery. 
    • All items are shipped entirely at the buyer's risk. We used to cover DOA's, but, we found 10% of people accounted for 90% of claims, and it we thought it was unfair that everyone had to pay more to cover the costs incurred by 10% of people. Having said that if you do have any issues then please contact us by email to let us know. It is generally best to email us within 24 hours of delivery if possible. We do not usually request photos because photographing new arrivals may be stressful to the animals involved.
  • Unpacking and acclimating


    • Fish should be gently warmed on arrival by floating the bags under very dim lighting, and then after 30-60 minutes netted into the aquarium disposing of the shipping water (it may contain traces of medication).


    • Corals are best placed directly into the aquarium without any acclimatisation.
    • We generally advise against dipping corals. If the coral is freshly cut or injured then coral dip may soak into the coral and with some types of coral may harm the coral. Dipping is generally ineffective anyway to most common pests unless done over several days in a coral quarantine system.
    • Whilst we do our best to eradicate unwelcome pests some can slip through. Having a wrasse (preferably a Halichoeres sp.) in your reef tank is a good way to eliminate most common reef tank pests. For further advice on pest animals/algae species check out our "Ask James" series of videos on our Salty Revolution YouTube channel. To view our video playlists click HERE.

    Inverts (shrimps, crabs, starfish, etc)

    • Inverts should have the bags suspended in the aquarium with holes made in the bags to allow the water to mix slowly. Inverts should be acclimated for a minimum of 4 hours.
  • Amendments & cancellations

    • If any item is taking longer for delivery than anticipated, or, you just want to swap to a different item, then email me with the order number and items you want to change and we can issue you with a credit note to swap to other items. You can use the credit straight away so this is generally much faster than cancelling for refund and reordering.
    • At any time from ordering up until dispatch you may change or cancel any items on order. If you wish to swap to other items a credit note (discount code) is the fastest way to do this.
    • We can cancel and refund your items instead. Cancellation requests must be by email from the email address on the order.
    • We reserve the right to cancel and refund any order.
    • We action most refunds within 24 hours of receiving your email, but, although the money leaves our account instantly, it may take your bank 1-28 days to credit your account (we have no control over how long it takes your bank to do this.
    • Refunds usually arrive with "Salty Revolution", or "Salty Rev", as a reference, but, may show simply as "credit", "reversal", etc. Banks and credit cards should credit your account within 28 days from when we confirm the cancellation. If they have not done so within 28 days then please contact your bank and "file a dispute" for "refund not received". This can only be done after 28 days has passed. Most banks allow you 120-180 days to do this. This is from the date the refund was confirmed, not from the date of the original payment.
  • Contact us

    You can email me direct at:


    • Answering emails uses up a lot of my time each day, and I get so many it's not always possible to answer all of them, so please only email if you need to do so.
    • If possible please wait for us to email you to arrange delivery. Raising a query on your order may delay delivery.
    • Please ensure you include at least one of your order numbers, or, the email address that is on the order(s) so we can find them more easily.
  • Privacy policy

    • You can unsubscribe from our mailing list at any time, there is a link to do so at the bottom of each email. However, dosing so may mean you miss out on important information such as delivery updates, or other important messages. Instead of unsubscribing we recommend creating a folder in your email inbox and you can set our emails to automatically go into that folder. However, if you do so remember to check it often or you may miss out on; important updates, delivery booking emails, or, special offers.
    • We do not share your details with any third parties.