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Black Clarki clownfish (Australian colour, tank bred).

Black Clarki clownfish (Australian colour, tank bred).

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Black Clarki clownfish (Australian colour, tank bred, Amphiprion clarkii).

Care advice - Black Clarki clownfish

Whereas with the more commonly kept Clownfish such as Percula clowns (Amphiprion percula), and Common clowns (Amphiprion ocellaris), which can only be kept as 1 pair of Clownfish per tank. Black Clarki clownfish are much more sociable, and can be kept in groups of 2-8 quite happily. The whole group must all be all Black Clarki clownfish, with no other clownfish species in the same tank. The group should consist of 1 female, 1 male, and juveniles.


Typically we import juveniles that range in size from just under 1” to around 2”. The adult female may reach 4”-5”, whereas the male will only reach 2”-3”. One of the larger Clownfish species.


Safe with almost all corals. They may bother some LPS corals if they do not have a suitable anemone to call home. We recommend Long tentacle anemones for them, although they will quite happily manage without an anemone. Some small reef fish can jump from an open topped aquarium, we recommend using a tight fitting lid with no gaps. Do not keep in the same aquarium as other Clownfish species.


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