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Blue sponge (Haliclona sp.).

Blue sponge (Haliclona sp.).

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Blue sponge (Haliclona sp.).

One of the few species of sponges that is believed may be photo-synthetic. Keep in low light, in low to to medium flow. Phosphates and nitrates must be low as with LPS corals, and feed heavily using liquid coral food. The aquarium must be a clean and algae free system. As with all sponges cleaning the surface gently once a week with a turkey baster is recommend. Acclimate slowly and do not expose to air. Colour may vary depending on specimen.

Typically 2” to 4” across, will slowly grow over time.

Reef safe. Avoid keeping with tank mates that eat Sea squirts or Sponges, such as Triggers, Angels, etc.

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