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Bristleworm eating snail (Oliva sp.).

Bristleworm eating snail (Oliva sp.).

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Bristleworm eating snail (Oliva
These are scavengers, in a similar way to Nassarius snails. However, they also hunt and eat Bristleworms. Whilst many Bristleworms are harmless, some are predatory on corals, inverts, and even fish. Bristleworms can also injure aquarists with their spines, which whilst usually harmless, can be painful with large specimens, and in rare cases cause very nasty infected wounds. Oliva snails are a great way of keeping your reef aquarium Bristleworm free. Add 1 Oliva snail per 100 litres if using them as a preventative measure. If you have quite a few Bristleworms then add at least 1 Oliva snail per 50 litres. Once the Oliva snails have eliminated the Bristleworms, they will happily scavenge normal aquarium food and detritus. Highly recommended. Tubeworms are also a type of Polychaete worm, but, Oliva snails do not attack Tubeworms. We have tested this by keeping Tubeworms and Oliva snails in together in store.

Up to 2”.

They are reef safe, and safe with other inverts. As with all small creatures avoid mixing with large fish that may try to eat them.

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