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Bumblebee snails (Pusiostoma mendicaria).

Bumblebee snails (Pusiostoma mendicaria).

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BUMBLEBEE SNAILS (Pusiostoma mendicaria).

Bumblebee snails are good general clean up crew (CUC). They will eat algae and also scavenge uneaten food. We recommend a minimum of 1 snail per 10 litres of tank volume, and it’s a good idea to make sure some of those are Bumblebee snails. Interestingly Bumblebee snails are especially vital if you have Clams in the tank because Bumblebee snails will eat some of the pests that can attack Clams.

Bumblebee snails are upto the size of a 5p coin. Highly recommended!

They are reef safe. As with all small creatures, some large fish may try to eat them.

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