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Callopareia goby and Pistol shrimp pair.

Callopareia goby and Pistol shrimp pair.

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Callopareia goby and Pistol shrimp pair. Callopareia shrimp goby (Amblyeleotris diagonalis), and Tiger pistol shrimp (Alpheus bellulus).

This is one of the most entertaining things you can add to a reef aquarium. Shrimp gobies are sociable, and you can add more shrimp gobies and they will live happily together. You can also mix them with most other small and medium sized gobies.


Most shrimp gobies are typically 1” to 3”. Maximum size is around 3”. Tiger pistol shrimps are typically 1” to 2”, and grow to a maximum size of around 2”.


Reef safe with all corals. Avoid housing them with larger or more aggressive goby species such as sand sifting gobies (Chalk, Blue cheek, etc), or, larger shrimp goby species (Yellow watchman, Blue watchman, etc). You can also add another Pistol shrimp, but, only 2 Pistol shrimps per tank, and both Pistols need to be the same species. As with most small fish, large predatory fish may try to eat them. As with most small reef fish they may jump if startled so a tight fitting lid with no gaps is recommended.


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