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Salty Revolution

Carbon by Salty Revolution.

Carbon by Salty Revolution.

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Carbon by Salty Revolution

This was our first Salty Revolution product, and even now 5 years later is still a market leader.


Why you should always use carbon in a marine aquarium

This is easily our most popular Salty Revolution product, and it’s easy to see why it is so popular. Carbon solves three major problems in a marine aquarium.
1- Carbon absorbs/adsorbs many harmful toxins from the aquarium water that other forms of filtration may not remove.. Helping to keep your reef safe from harm.
2- Carbon dramatically improves water clarity, increasing the amount and consistency of light reaching your corals. Your tank will look cleaner, brighter, and happier than before.
3- Many corals release stinging cells (Nematocysts) into the water. These drift in the water stinging other corals and reducing their growth. Carbon is excellent at removing these stinging cells from the water, dramatically improving coral growth rates.
This is why so many hobbyists use carbon in their aquarium. Using carbon in your reef aquarium brings huge benefits with very little cost or effort.


Why Salty Revolution Carbon is so popular

We are big fans of carbon here at Salty revolution, but, choosing which brand of carbon to stock was a difficult choice. So instead of leaving it to guesswork we bought samples of 6 of the most popular brands of carbon, and we sent them off to a lab and had them test all 6 to see how they performed. We were shocked by the results. Even the best performing brand fell far below the standard we were expecting. So we tracked down a specialist carbon supplier, gave them the test results, and explained that we wanted something much better than any of these samples. He explained that wasn’t a problem at all, as long as we bought 1,000kg at a time. A week later the first two pallets arrived, and Salty Revolution carbon was born. Every tub of Salty Revolution carbon is packed on site by hand, by Salty revolution staff to ensure absolute quality control, and to ensure that you all get the very best standard of carbon available. It’s because Salty revolution carbon gives such great results, time after time, that so many hobbyists use our carbon. It is easily our best selling salty revolution product. get some today and see the improvement in your aquarium!

James Goodchild
Salty Revolution


How to use

Use 1 ml of carbon per litre of tank volume per month. Use an equal amount of Phosphate Remover.

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