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Copperband butterfly (Chelmon rostratus, see description).

Copperband butterfly (Chelmon rostratus, see description).

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Copperband butterfly (Chelmon rostratus, see description).

*the Copperband currently in stock.

The Copperband currently in stock has come from Lewis’s tank where it has been living happily with the Purple Tang and Tomini tang currently in stock. This particular Copperband can be purchased with the Tomini tang, and/or, the Purple Tang currently in stock (Tangs available separately). It may not be well received by any Tangs already in your tank, so I would not recommend adding him to a tank with other Tangs in it, but, he is ok with these particular two.


Please note you must not add a Copperband butterfly to a tank that contains Tangs, Moorish Idols, Foxfaces, or Bannerfish, because the Copperband may be attacked, or, may hide and starve. The Copperband must be fed on frozen mysis at least twice every day.

One of the easiest marine fish to keep as long as you feed Mysis twice a day and don’t house it with aggressive species, or, species with similar vertical stripes.


Typically 2” to 4”, may reach up to 5” or more.


May nip at some corals, may nip at some inverts. Peaceful. Easy to keep (see above).


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