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Salty Revolution

Phosphate Remover by Salty Revolution.

Phosphate Remover by Salty Revolution.

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Phosphate Remover by Salty Revolution.

Our phosphate remover is high grade phosphate remover and is recommended to treat 100litre per 100ml in normal conditions. For convenience you can pop all the bag in if you have a smaller aquarium and check to see when it needs replacing via testing. Our phosphate remover lowers phosphate down to 0.08 and allows phosphate to exist so Revolution by Salty Revolution can continue to remove those nitrates. Our phosphate remover can also be used to remove Silica from new sand beds and reduce the effect of diatoms.


How to use

Please note our Phosphate Remover works best in a low flow area inside a bag, if placed in a reactor please ensure that the media does not tumble as this can cause the media to breakdown in time.

Use 1ml of Phosphate remover per litre of tank volume per month. Use an equal amount of carbon.

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