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Crinoid shrimp, species 03

Crinoid shrimp, species 03

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Crinoid shrimp, species 03

These tiny cleaning shrimps grow to just 10mm (two fifths of an inch). In the wild they live amongst the fronds of Crinoids. In captivity they make sometimes make Tubeworms, Sea cucumbers, or Sea Urchins their home. Crinoid shrimps can be quite aggressive towards one another, so are best kept to 1 per tank. They are generally fine with other shrimp species.


Tiny, up to 10mm (two fifths of an inch).


Gets on well with all small and medium shrimps, and other inverts, apart from other Crinoid shrimps. As with all tiny creatures, tank mates need to be chosen with care so they do not eat them.

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