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🟢WYSIWYG 730-I4 - New colour - Blue Disco mushroom with stripes and spots - Ultra version - small/medium

🟢WYSIWYG 730-I4 - New colour - Blue Disco mushroom with stripes and spots - Ultra version - small/medium

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WYSIWYG = What You See Is What You Get

This means this is a recent photo of the exact specimen you will receive.

Care advice - Zoas & Palys


Low light levels.
Low to medium flow rate.


All corals require reasonable water quality. Temperature and salinity should be kept as stable as possible, and low levels of nitrates and phosphates.


When you receive your coral ensure you do not place it in a spot that is too brightly lit. If a coral is in a spot that is a little low on light it will generally manage ok. If the spot is too bright it can bleach the coral. If in doubt as to the right spot too little light is unlikely to do much harm, compared to too much light.


The amount of flow a coral needs depends on the type of coral. See PLACEMENT above, or, contact us if you are unsure. Generally Zoas and Palys prefer low to moderate flow rates.


We recommend target feeding corals at least once a week You may also wish to add liquid coral food too. Soft corals and SPS should be fed primarily just liquid coral food, we recommend using Salty Revolution Coral Food 99. A completely revolutionary approach to coral nutrition. This is available here: CLICK HERE


Some fish may peck at or eat corals. Some inverts may also do so. Remove any fish or inverts that are harassing the coral.


We deliver corals, inverts, fish, and, dry goods throughout the UK. You can buy online for pickup in store, or, UK delivery (delivery charge may apply). See the Salty Revolution Shipping Guide for more information on our UK delivery service.

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