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DISCO751 Passionfruit mushroom 🌴El Presidente grade🌴.

DISCO751 Passionfruit mushroom 🌴El Presidente grade🌴.

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DISCO751 Passionfruit mushroom 🌴El Presidente grade🌴.

Care advice Mushroom corals


Mushrooms are an ideal first coral, being one of the easiest corals to keep. The only thing you need to watch is make sure you put them in a shady spot, other than that they thrive in almost all conditions.


Mushrooms will do ok in low, and even very low flow rates, but, keeping them in medium flow will often bring faster growth rates. Place in heavy shade low down in the tank.


All corals require reasonable water quality. Temperature and salinity should be kept as stable as possible, and low levels of nitrates and phosphates. Although mushroom corals can thrive in poor quality water, growth is far more spectacular with heavy water changes. Mushrooms can survive and still thrive under a standard maintenance regime, but, for the best growth rates on mushrooms change around 50% of the water weekly, although this is only necessary if you wish to maximise growth rates.


When you receive your coral ensure you do not place it in a spot that is too brightly lit. If a coral is in a spot that is a little low on light it will generally manage ok. If the spot is too bright it can bleach the coral. If in doubt as to the right spot too little light is unlikely to do much harm, compared to too much light., this is particularly true with mushrooms, especially Yumas.

The more green Zooxanthellae a mushroom has, the more light dependent it is. Mushrooms with little or no Zooxanthellae have very little green, and so will be more towards pink, red, orange, or yellow, in colour. Mushrooms mostly depend on capturing food rather than light for photosynthesis.

So green coloured mushrooms tend to be more tolerant of low to medium light. Blue mushrooms require low light. Red mushrooms usually do best in low to very low light levels. Orange, yellow, and, pink, mushrooms tend to do best in heavy shade, and can be grown in pitch black conditions.


The amount of flow a coral needs depends on the type of coral. See PLACEMENT above, or, contact us if you are unsure.


We recommend target feeding corals at least once a week You may also wish to add liquid coral food too. For best results we recommend feeding mushroom corals frozen Mysis at least twice a week, and at least one feed a week with liquid coral food. Furry mushrooms should be fed once or twice a day. We recommend using Salty Revolution Coral Food 99. A completely revolutionary approach to coral nutrition. This is available here: CLICK HERE


Some fish may peck at or eat corals. Some inverts may also do so. If this is a species that does not eat coral in the wild, then chances are it is only doing so in captivity due to lack of food. Increase the amount of food and/or frequency of feeding. If they are a species that does eat corals in the wild then remove any fish or inverts that are harassing the coral.


All frags vary in size in appearance and so may be a different size, colour, or, shape, compared to the photo, which is shown only as a rough guide.

Our mushroom frags in Tiny to Large sizes are normally sent on 23mm x 23mm (1”x1”) square solid natural stone frag tiles. Large to XXL mushrooms may be on standard tiles (as above) or on larger solid natural stone tiles.

= These are new baby mushrooms. They are very small (around the size of the blunt end of a Biro). Best budget buy.
= Small mushrooms are around 5p size. They are nearly as big as a medium mushroom, but, nearer the price of a Tiny mushroom.
Medium = Medium mushrooms are roughly 10p size. This is our most popular size by far. Our most popular size.
= Large mushrooms are roughly are roughly 50p size.
XL = XL mushrooms soon start producing baby mushrooms. Ideal if you want them to spread to cover large areas, or for farming. Best farming size.
= XXL mushrooms look spectacular. Not all species get this large. A real show-stopper! Show size!

Please note: During shipping mushrooms will expel the water in the flesh and shrink, the same way that anemones do (which are closely related). So when the mushroom arrives it will look smaller than the size below. Within a couple of weeks it will open out to full size. The less light there is on the mushroom the quicker it will open to full size.


Very few animals eat or harass mushroom corals. Some triggerfish such as Picasso triggers, and some Pufferfish such as Dogface puffers may eat mushrooms, but, very little else will touch mushrooms. Some inverts may do so, but, very few. Remove any fish or inverts that are harassing the coral.


We deliver corals, inverts, fish, and, dry goods throughout the UK. You can buy online for pickup in store, or, UK delivery (delivery charge may apply). See the Salty Revolution Shipping Guide for more information on our UK delivery service.


Special order items are only available occasionally, and so may be on a longer than normal delivery time.

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