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Dwarf seahorse (Hippocampus zosterae).

Dwarf seahorse (Hippocampus zosterae).

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EXPERT ONLY! - Dwarf seahorse (Hippocampus zosterae).


Prior approval is required to purchase this species. We will require written approval from James at Salty Revolution before allowing this species to leave the building. Any interested hobbyists will need to have a proven track record with difficult/impossible species. James will visit your home or video call you so you can talk through your setup, previous experience etc. This may incur a fee. Any orders placed for this species with prior approval will be cancelled. Do not order without prior approval from James in writing.


Are Seahorses real animals?

As strange as this might sound to those familiar with these animals, we get a surprising amount of enquiries as to whether Seahorses are real creatures. They certainly look pretty strange, and having; an external skeleton, no teeth, no stomach, a pouch like a Kangaroo for the baby Seahorses, and with it being the male Seahorse that becomes pregnant and also gives birth to the baby Seahorses, they are certainly very unusual creatures. But, unlike unicorns, faeries, and other such mythical animals they are real creatures, and Seahorses can be kept as Pets.

How to keep Seahorses.

These tiny little Seahorses get to just 5cm at full size. They are not suitable for a standard reef aquarium. They need a dedicated nano tank, setup with them specifically in mind. They need slow to moderate flow, very bright lighting, nothing that will eat them or out compete them for food, and suitable decor with hitching posts. We feed them on a continuous supply of live copepods and live mysis.

They can with care be weaned onto frozen Mysis, but will then need feeding every 2-4 hours all day, every day, which is very time intensive, so live feeding is preferred. Live brine shrimp are not a suitable food. The live food you can buy in small bags is not practical as you would need many bags per day. Previous experience with easier species of Seahorses is essential. It can be difficult to find Seahorses for sale in the UK, so we are only able to get this species occasionally.


Babies from under 1” to 2” adults.


Dedicated species setup required. Not suitable to be housed with most fish, some inverts, and some corals, all of which may eat the Seahorses, or, out compete them for food.



This species has specific requirements and is not suitable for a typical reef aquarium. To ensure that this animal is correctly cared for before purchasing this species you must have approval from James at Salty Revolution that you will be able to house and care for this species. Any orders for this species that are placed without prior approval will be cancelled, and a cancellation fee may be applied.



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