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ECOSYSTEM pack W - Echinoderm core pack

ECOSYSTEM pack W - Echinoderm core pack

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What you get in this pack, and what they do.

1x Superb serpent star - scavengers food from crevices in the rockwork.
1x Sand sifting starfish - sand sifter.
1x Tuxedo urchin - excellent all round scavenger and grazer.

PLEASE NOTE: With all Echnioderms (Starfish, Serpent and Brittle stars, Sea cucumbers, Sand dollars, Sea urchins, and Crinoids), they use saltwater instead of blood. Changes in salinity can be tough on them so acclimate over a minimum of 4 hours. Also never, even briefly, lift them out of the water. If they are caught by surprise and ingest air into their circulatory system it can be fatal to them.

SALTY REVOLUTION ECOSYSTEM PACKS Version 3.0 - Building on the success and popularity of ECOSYSTEM I and II, this is our new and improved version 3.0. See our main ECOSYSTEM page for more details at:


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