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Salty Revolution

ECOSYSTEM Pod Boost by Salty Revolution.

ECOSYSTEM Pod Boost by Salty Revolution.

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ECOSYSTEM Pod Boost, by Salty Revolution.



Begin your food chain with ECOSYSTEM Pod Boost!

Another revolutionary product by Salty Revolution!

This is the label for ECOSYSTEM Pod Boost. This revolutionary new product is a liquid food for feeding Copepods and other micro fauna within your reef. By feeding Pod Boost you will be directly feeding the Copepods within your aquarium. By feeding them they will then multiply faster. They in turn will then become a natural food source for the fish, corals, and inverts within your aquarium. This provides them with a source of highly nutritious food in between their main meals. By keeping the fish busy hunting for copepods between meals, this keeps them active and helps maintain fitness levels. Also with something to do, and a more plentiful food supply, they are far less likely to squabble than hungry bored fish.

Simply feed 5ml per 100 litres once per week.



Pod Boost is a food for your existing copepods to help them multiply faster. Pod Boost does not contain live copepods so you will need some live copepods too. Check out our ECOSYSTEM packs to see what micro fauna we have available.


How to use

Simply add 5ml of Coral Poppers per 100 litres of system volume once a week, and watch your Copepods multiply.


Product details

Non-toxic invert food. Not for human consumption. Does not need to be refrigerated. Once opened use within 3 months. Store in a cool dark place.

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