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ECOSYSTEM reef seeds - Coral Multipack LD12 - 12x Lucky dip corals

ECOSYSTEM reef seeds - Coral Multipack LD12 - 12x Lucky dip corals

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ECOSYSTEM reef seeds by Salty Revolution.

ECOSYSTEM reef seeds, our new range of ECOSYSTEM packs.


ECOSYSTEM by Salty Revolution.

Stability through biodiversiity.

A revolutionary new approach to reefkeeping.


What you get in this Multipack - reef seeds coral packs.

  • In each Multipack you get 4 of the standard packs.
  • In each ECOSYSTEM reef seeds coral pack you get 1, 2, or 3, baby corals (see image for details).

  • In packs containing 2 or 3 corals all of the corals will be different colours or patterns to each other. For example if it says 3x Green Zoas then you will get 3 coral frags of Zoas, and each frag will be a different type of Zoas. They will all be green, or, green will be one of the main colours in them.

  • Reef seeds are baby corals. They are smaller than our standard frags, so that you can get more types of corals, for less cost.


What are reef seeds?

Reef seeds are baby corals, which are smaller than our standard frag size.

Typical sizes of reef seeds:

  • Clove polyps - 1-3 polyps.

  • Palys - 1-2 polyps.

  • Zoas - typically 1-3 polyps/

  • GSP - On average about the size of a 5p coin when open.

  • Other soft corals - On average about the size of a 5p coin when open.

  • Mushrooms - A baby mushroom, usually around 5p size when open.

  • Leather corals - 12mm to 38mm (0.5” to 1.5”).


What is Salty Revolution’s ECOSYSTEM, and how does it work?

ECOSYSTEM is a revolutionary new approach to reefkeeping, creating stability through biodiversity.

“The easiest way to create a fantastic reef aquarium is stability. The easiest way to create stability is through biodiversity.” - James Goodchild, Salty Revolution, January 2020.


When you see a coral reef in the wild they are a true wonder of mother nature. The towering structures of coral, and the huge shoals of brightly coloured fish are certainly attention grabbing. When you look more closely though you will see a myriad of tiny creatures all going about their daily business in amongst the corals. Just like a tropical rainforest the diversity of small creatures is astonishing.


All of these little creatures each have their own role in helping to maintain a healthy thriving ecosystem. From humble snails eating nuisance algae, charming little hermit crabs tidying up scraps of uneaten food, to strange little conchs cleaning the sand, all these animals are working around the clock to help maintain balance in the ecosystem. The huge diversity of different animals is key to ensuring all these niches are filled.


How does our ECOSYSTEM approach work?

Essentially it is very straightforward. Rather than relying on equipment such as skimmers and reactors to maintain the aquarium, we use animals to do most of those jobs for us. This are the key points to why it works:

  • Small animals such as hermit crabs are much smaller than your hands, so they can reach places you cannot reach, collect food particles to small for you to see, and clean rocks and corals with greater precision than you can.

  • These small animals live in the aquarium 24/7 so can dedicate much more time to tidying it up than you can.

  • Using the animals to do the work is also more reliable. Any piece of equipment will break at some point, and if there is a power cut all the equipment may stop working. By using a diverse collection of animals to maintain the aquarium for you, it makes your reef far more secure, and more stable.

  • The key is biodiversity, essentially to include as many species and types as possible. The larger the number of invert species is, and the more types of coral you have, the more stable the system will be.

  • All you then need to do is provide heating, lighting, and flow. Ensure you have the correct substrate, we recommend Caribsea live Bahama sand at 10lb per square foot of tank base (40kg per square metre). Then feed the animals, do RO top ups, and water changes. We recommend using carbon and phosphate remover, along with an Arcadia Polyfilter. It’s a very simple, inexpensive, and durable way to maintain a marine aquarium, that is far more stable than relying on equipment, it then costs less to set up, less to maintain, requires less skill to do well, and is much less work for you too!


Recreating that biodiversity in your aquarium.

Now you too can recreate a scaled down version of this within your aquarium, with our Ecosystem coral and invert packs. These carefully chosen selection of reef safe animals will add a whole new dimension to your aquarium. Not only will they be interesting and entertaining in their own right, but, they will each fulfil a vital role in your aquarium helping to transform it from a water filled glass box containing fish and corals, into a fully functioning ecosystem.

Transform your reef from just an aquarium, into an ECOSYSTEM!


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