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Harlequin hermit crab (Phimochirus operculatus).

Harlequin hermit crab (Phimochirus operculatus).

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Harlequin hermit crab (Phimochirus operculatus).
Also known as Polka dot hermit crab, Polkadotted hermit crab, and White spotted hermit crab.
A medium sized species of hermit crab, that is safe with all corals. A great way to add colour and life to your reef aquarium.

Typically 0.5” to 1”, may be upto 1.5”.

Safe with all corals, and will not bother fish. May bully very small hermit crabs, or very small snails, safe with all other inverts. Avoid housing with large predatory fish that may try to eat them.

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