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Mirror butterfly (Chaetodon speculum).

Mirror butterfly (Chaetodon speculum).

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EXPERT ONLY! - Mirror butterfly (Chaetodon speculum).


Prior approval is required to purchase this species. We will require written approval from James at Salty Revolution before allowing this species to leave the building. Any interested hobbyists will need to have a proven track record with difficult/impossible species. James will visit your home or video call you so you can talk through your setup, previous experience etc. This may incur a fee. Any orders placed for this species with prior approval will be cancelled. Do not order without prior approval from James in writing.

One of the so called “Impossible eight” butterflyfish to keep in a home aquarium. Can be kept by people with a lot of experience in keeping obligate coralivores. Can be kept with other butterflyfish with caution. Suitable for tanks from 200 litres upwards. Can be easily intimidated or bullied by more aggressive fish. Not reef safe. Sometimes seen in captivity, most specimens starve to death within weeks if not fed correctly. Only buy weaned specimens that have been in captivity at least 1 month, and still have good bodyweight. It typically takes me 1-3 months to wean this species, and is very time intensive to do. If not weaned will need to be live Acropora coral daily. A moderate sized specimen will eat a moderate to large SPS colony per day, amounting to thousands of pounds worth of coral a month. We only sell weaned specimens.


May reach 6” in the wild, although 4” or so is more common.


Not reef safe, will eat some corals, and small inverts. Keep singly. Can be easily intimidated or bullied by more aggressive fish.


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