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Salty Revolution

NEW! - Coral Poppers! By Salty Revolution.

NEW! - Coral Poppers! By Salty Revolution.

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NEW! - Coral Poppers! By Salty Revolution.


Bringing the rainbow to your brown areas!

This is the label for Salty Revolution's Coral Poppers. Following on from the success of Coral Food 99, Coral Poppers is a super strength coral supplement containing very high levels of minor trace elements. As with Coral Food 99 these are dosed with food particles and the elements are ingested directly by the corals.


Coral Poppers very high levels of minor elements allow corals to rapidly reacquire elements that had become depleted. Reacquiring depleted elements in this manner will typically cause a sensational improvement in colouration, often within 48 hours of first use. Longer term use also often results in corals acquiring additional colours, not previously visible in those specimens.


UK launch 8am UK time, Sunday 29th August 2021. Demand is expected to be strong. Maximum 3 bottles per customer/household.


How to use

Simply add 1ml of Coral Poppers per 100 litres of system volume twice a week, and watch those corals flourish. You can also use Coral Food 99 to target feed corals too. It’s not just for corals either, filter feeders such as Tubeworms, Clams, Sea Cucumbers, etc, will also all eagerly gobble up Coral Poppers and Coral Food 99 too. Order Coral Poppers and Coral Food 99 today and see the transformation take place in your reef aquarium.


Product details

Non-toxic coral food. Not for human consumption. Does not need to be refrigerated. Once opened use within 3 months. Store in a cool dark place.

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