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Pirate Booty C - The Captain's horde!

Pirate Booty C - The Captain's horde!

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Pirate Booty C - The Captain's horde!

The Captain had the pick of all the very finest treasures!

It’s a sail (sale)!

Well, well, my swarthy privateers, it’s time for the Salty Revolution Pirate offers again! Yes, It’s a sail (sale)! So gather ye gold doubloons, brace your main brace thingy, and definitely polish up that poop deck, because you’ll be wanting to get your hands on some serious booty!

Rules of the sea, our T&C!

All offers are online only. Your orders will be ready for delivery/collection 14-30 days from time of order. We will contact you by email to let you know when your order is ready. Please wait for us to email you as emailing us may delay your order, or, may mean your order is cancelled. FREE UK delivery, excluded areas (ironically) anywhere where we have to cross the sea to get to you (I know!). Offers may end or vary at any time. Usual T&C etc.

PS Arrr, Jim'lad!

Look at all this booty!

A selection of the easiest corals to keep. Ideal for those wanting to grow corals with minimal effort, or, those that are new to marine keeping.

What you get in this pack:

Please note that these are our all new MINI FRAGS. These are half the size of our standard frags. Same great quality, and at an ever lower price!

Mushroom corals
1x Standard mushroom (baby size)
1x Premium mushroom (baby size)
1x Ultra mushroom (baby size)

Star Polyps
4x Standard mini frags
3x Premium mini frags
2x Ultra grade mini frags

Zoas (2-4+ polyps per frag)
4x Standard mini frags
3x Premium mini frags
2x Ultra grade mini frags

In total you get all 21 corals, a haul fit for any swarthy sea-dogs reef tank!


.We deliver corals, inverts, fish, and, dry goods throughout the UK. You can buy online for pickup in store, or, UK delivery (delivery charge may apply). See the Salty Revolution Shipping Guide for more information on our UK delivery service.

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