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Pizza I ate offer - Dalmatian snails

Pizza I ate offer - Dalmatian snails

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Pizza I ate offer*(see below) - Dalmatian snails

Do you have to swab your own deck?

Do you have trouble keeping your poop deck clean?

Well, it’s all about having the right crew you see!

Get yourself some booty, and you’ll soon have seaman everywhere!

It’s a sail (sale)!

Well, well, my swarthy privateers, it’s time for the Salty Revolution Pirate offers again! Yes, It’s a sail (sale)! So gather ye gold doubloons, brace your main brace thingy, and definitely polish up that poop deck, because you’ll be wanting to get your hands on some serious booty!

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For more information on this species see the individual listings on our inverts page HERE

Why Pizzas I ate?

In pirate times the common coin was the Gold Doubloon. Because a Gold Doubloon was quite a lot of money, it was quite common to cut the Doubloon into 8 bits, known as pieces of eight. As a US Dollar was roughly $8 to 1 Doubloon this is also why a US Dollar is also known as a Bit.

In modern times we don’t have a similar equivalent, as such. But, if a mate helps you move house or some other favour, often people will buy them a pizza for helping, effectively making a pizza a method of payment. As Pizza is sometimes also cut into 8 bits, this seemed to be the closest modern alternative. The fact that “Pizzas I ate” sounds like “Pieces o’eight” is a happy coincidence!

Rules of the sea, our T&C!

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PS Arrr, Jim'lad!


General advice on keeping inverts

See the main invert listings for more details on these species, or, ask us for advice.


All inverts require stable water parameters. Temperature and salinity should be kept as stable as possible, we recommend keeping temperature at 27.5c to 28.5c and salinity at 34.0ppt to 34.5ppt at all times. Many inverts are very sensitive to changes in salinity and should be acclimated by being floated in the tank, with small holes in the bag for a minimum of 4 hours. Inverts should not be expoed to a sudden change in salinity of more than 0.5ppt.


Many inverts like medium to strong flow.


We recommend feeding mobile inverts at least once a day. Grazing inverts can be fed seaweed or Vitalis grazing rings. Many inverts enjoy eating frozen Mysis. For filter feeders it is generally not necessary to add additional food for most species, for heavier feeders, or, in tanks with skimmers, feed weekly or daily with liquid coral food. We use Salty Revolution Coral Food 99. This is available here: CLICK HERE. Brightwell (any), Continuum (any), and, ReefRoids, are all also great foods for inverts. Most other brands we have tested have not given very satisfactory results. Ask for advice if you’re unsure whether you need to feed your inverts, and, what to feed them.


Inverts vary in size, see care advice above or ask for more information if required. Most inverts are fairly small, and most inverts can b kept in almost unlimited number is tanks of any size. Stocking ratios for most species of as many as 10 inverts per litre (or more) usually cause no issues.


Some fish may peck at or eat inverts, ensure your fish are compatible with the inverts you want to keep. The fish most likely to cause problems are most Butterflyfish, large Wrasses, and Pufferfish. All our inverts are reef safe, unless stated otherwise. Any inverts that are not reef safe will have large warnings next to their name above saying “NOT REEF SAFE” or “REFUGIUM ONLY”. Unless it specifically says that, then they will be safe in a normal reef aquarium. You may see conflicting advice online regarding how reef safe an invert is. Inverts will climb on corals to clean algae from them, to scavenge from a dead or dying coral, or out of a desperate attempt to prevent death by starvation. Reefkeepers that are losing corals are often happy to blame the inverts for the loss, to make it not their fault the coral died. In reality very few inverts attack corals, and the vast majority of the species we stock do not eat corals as part of their natural diet. We keep a huge variety of species of inverts in with our corals, with no issues at all. Ask for more advice if you are unsure.


We deliver corals, inverts, fish, and, dry goods throughout the UK. You can buy online for pickup in store, or, UK delivery (delivery charge may apply). See the Salty Revolution Shipping Guide for more information on our UK delivery service.

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