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Pygmy angelfish (Centropyge flavicauda).

Pygmy angelfish (Centropyge flavicauda).

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Pygmy angelfish (Centropyge flavicauda).

One of the more robust dwarf angelfish. As with all Dwarf angelfish, they are reef safe with caution. They are generally safe with Leather corals, Mushrooms, Star polyps etc, but, a little more risky with Zoas or hard corals. Several dwarf Angelfish can be kept in the same aquarium if they are all different species, and introduced all at once, or in groups at a time. A 200 litre aquarium is big enough to house 2 or 3 Dwarf angels, and even more can be kept together in larger aquariums.


Typically 1.” to 2”, may reach 3” or more, although generally slow growing.


Reef safe with some corals. Safe with all except the very tiniest of inverts. Can be aggressive to smaller fish.


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