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Rainbow bubble tip anemone 🌴El Presidente grade🌴.

Rainbow bubble tip anemone 🌴El Presidente grade🌴.

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Rainbow bubble tip anemone 🌴El Presidente grade🌴.

Entacmaea quadricolor.

An easy to keep anemone that prefers to live on the rocks or glass. Many species of Clownfish will live within this species of anemone, but, the anemone needs to be large enough for the Clownfish.


Typically 3” to 6”, may eventually reach 12”. At 3” to 6” they are suitable for clownfish upto around 1” long. The anemone will grow faster than the Clownfish so will then provide a long term home for them.


Reef safe. May sting nearby corals a little, but, rarely much of a threat. Ensure powerheads are not able to suck the anemone into them.


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