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Red and blue mosaic fiddler crab (Uca sp).

Red and blue mosaic fiddler crab (Uca sp).

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Red & blue mosaic fiddler crab (Uca sp).

These small reef safe crabs get to about 2” across. They are shy during the day, burying in the sand. They come out in the evening and then work through the night cleaning the sand. They are brightly coloured and entertaining additions to the reef aquarium. They do not require an area of land, they happily stay in the water. We recommend at least 1 per 50 litres of tank volume, you may add as many 1 per 10 litres if you wish.

They are 1”-2” and can reach upto 2.5”.

Reef safe. They can be kept singly, or in groups. Some fish such as Puffers and Triggers etc may try to eat them. 

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