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Red racer hermit crabs (Calcinus sp.). (Copy) (Copy)

Red racer hermit crabs (Calcinus sp.). (Copy) (Copy)

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Red racer hermit crabs (Calcinus sp.).
These charming little creatures are a small species of hermit crab that are using bright red and patterned snail shells as their mobile homes. All the charm of a tiny hermit crab, combined with the striking red racing stripes pattern of the snails. Being small they can get into all the little nooks and crannies of the rock work to reach algae and small food particles that larger animals may have missed. Being so small they also don't knock over corals etc. Watch them race around your tank tidying it up as they go.

Penny size to 2p size.

Reef safe. Small inverts such as these may be eaten by some fish such as Triggers, Puffers, etc.

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