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REFUGIUM ONLY - Red Knob starfish!

REFUGIUM ONLY - Red Knob starfish!

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TOP TIPS - How to keep Red Knob starfish

Worth keeping solely for the comedy value of their name if nothing else! Impress all your friends by showing them your big Red Knob! Excellent clean up crew in large fish only systems, and also interesting and useful to keep in a refugium or sumps.


These are animals that generally are NOT suitable for keeping in most reef tanks!

These animals are best kept in refugiums or sumps. They make excellent clean up crew for areas of your system where food etc may accumulate where your other clean up crew cannot get to it. This helps to keep a system clean, meaning better water parameters for the display too. It also gives you the chance to keep something cool that you can’t keep in your main tank.


Not suitable for reef tanks. May also not be safe with fish.


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