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Ribbon eel (Rhinomuraena quaesita).

Ribbon eel (Rhinomuraena quaesita).

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EXPERT ONLY! - Ribbon eel (Rhinomuraena quaesita).


Prior approval is required to purchase this species. We will require written approval from James at Salty Revolution before allowing this species to leave the building. Any interested hobbyists will need to have a proven track record with difficult/impossible species. James will visit your home or video call you so you can talk through your setup, previous experience etc. This may incur a fee. Any orders placed for this species with prior approval will be cancelled. Do not order without prior approval from James in writing.

Min tank size 500L.

An extremely attractive fish, but, very difficult to feed and will often only take small live fish such as juvenile mollies. Can be weaned onto live River shrimp, but, this can take many months, some may even take frozen food eventually, although many never do. Also an expert escape artist. Requires a tank very much designed around holding a Ribbon eel. Some larger fish may harass a Ribbon eel. Ribbon eels may eat small fish, may bite medium sized fish, may eat mobile inverts, safe with all corals. Often best kept initially in it’s own 200 litre to 500 litre tank until at least weaned onto live River shrimp. Feeding live river shrimp can be costly and a mid-sized Ribbon eel can easily eat it’s way through £500 or more of live River shrimp a year. As live River shrimp are not always available it is wise to keep a month’s worth in reserve in a separate 100L plus sized tank. A Ribbon eel will typically eat 20-100 live River shrimp a week, sometimes more. If only feeding on live fish then 20-50 juvenile Mollies a week are required, which are difficult to get in large numbers and even more expensive. Goldfish etc are too deep bodied and will not be eaten. Ribbon eels require expert levels of care, a purpose designed aquarium, and deep pockets to fund their food bill. A truly stunning fish for the truly dedicated aquarist though.


We usually import them at around 18” to 30” long, may reach 36” to 48” in time.


May be bullied by some fish. Will eat small fish, may bite medium sized fish. May eat mobile inverts. Safe with all corals.

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