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Ring wrasse (Hologymnosus annulatus).

Ring wrasse (Hologymnosus annulatus).

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Ring wrasse (Hologymnosus annulatus).

One of the larger wrasse species. Juveniles change colour many times as they grow into very differently coloured adults. This large, active, and boisterous wrasse is best housed with large fish that can handle themselves such as; Triggerfish, Pufferfish, Morays, etc. May harass or even kill smaller or less aggressive tankmates. Safe with most corals, but, will eat almost all inverts.


They are generally 2” to 8”, may eventually reach up to 16”.


We recommend feeding a minimum of twice per day on suitable frozen food. Some reef fish can jump from an open topped aquarium, we recommend using a tight fitting lid with no gaps. A large and active species, it may pick on and even kill weaker fish. Best kept with other large active fish, not suitable for housing with typical small reef fish. Will eat almost all inverts.


All fish with a large potential size may need special care, and may require a tank set up in a particular way to suit their specific needs. Large fish need a lot of space, even as juveniles they may need large tanks to get enough exercise to develop properly. Large fish may view smaller tankmates as food. Large fish may sometimes damage equipment and bite through power cables. Also bear in mind that large fish can eat a lot of food. It’s not unusual for 1 large fish to eat several packs of frozen food a day, which can be expensive. Large fish can be difficult to rehome, so do not purchase them unless you already have the facilities to house them at a larger size.

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