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ECOSYSTEM Invert packs - Hermit pack B

ECOSYSTEM Invert packs - Hermit pack B

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ECOSYSTEM Invert packs - Hermit pack B

ECOSYSTEM version 5.0, our newest range of ECOSYSTEM packs.

What you get in this pack, and what they do.

2x Halloween hermit crabs - grazers.
2x Electric blue hermit crabs - scavengers.
2x Bali red dwarf hermit crabs - micro grazers
2x Medium assorted hermit crabs - scavengers
6x Small assorted hermit crabs - micro scavengers
2x Hermit homes pack - spare shells that your hermits will need as they grow (more shells can be purchased online from the Salty’s Seashell Shop).


Building on the success and popularity of ECOSYSTEM 1.0 to 4.0, this is our new and improved version 5.0. See our main ECOSYSTEM page for more details at:


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