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Salty Revolution

Salty Revolution Live Sand

Salty Revolution Live Sand

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The Sand we use in conduction with the salty revolution system. Its used in all  our fish tanks in store and creates the perfect start substrate in any marine aquarium.


Rough examples of covering on base size is:


1 bag up to 18"x18" (45cmx45cm) 

2 bags up to 24"x24" (60cmX60cm)

3 bags up to 36X24" (90cmX60cm)

4 bags up to 48"X24" (120cmx60cm)

5 bags up to 60"X24" (150cmx60cm)

6 bags up to 72"X24 (180cmX60cm)

7 bags up to 84"X24" (210cmx60cm)

8 bags up to 96"X4" (240cmX60cm)


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