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Solandri dwarf puffer (Canthigaster solandri).

Solandri dwarf puffer (Canthigaster solandri).

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Solandri dwarf puffer (Canthigaster solandri).

Dwarf puffers are a charming addition to the home aquarium. They are not 100% reef safe, they do sometimes bother small mobile inverts, and may sometimes nip at some corals. It is rare for them to do any major damage, but, they can sometimes be a little naughty. They are bursting with character for a fish that is so small. Dwarf puffers are much easier to keep and house than many of the large puffers such as Porcupine puffers etc which may get huge. Dwarf puffers are happy in tanks from 50 litres upwards. In tanks over 500 litres several Dwarf puffers can be kept together and they will then often shoal like they do in the wild. If housing several together keep an eye out for squabbling among themselves when first introduced together.


They are generally 1” to 2”, some specimens may reach upto 3”.


Not 100% reef safe, but, generally not usually very destructive unless underfed. We recommend feeding a minimum of twice per day on suitable frozen food. Some small reef fish can jump from an open topped aquarium, we recommend using a tight fitting lid with no gaps.


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