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Star Polyp frags (20mm frags), El presidente grade.

Star Polyp frags (20mm frags), El presidente grade.

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Star Polyp frags (20mm frags), El presidente grade.

Assorted star polyp frags, approximately 20mm (just under 1”) across. If several Assorted star polyps frags are ordered we will try to pick a variety from the types in stock, if we only have 1 type in stock then all of the frags may be the same colour. Please note that the species and colour of Star polyps supplied may not match the picture.

Medium to high light levels.
High flow rate.

All corals require reasonable water quality. Temperature and salinity should be kept as stable as possible, and low levels of nitrates and phosphates. We recommend target feeding corals at least once a week You may also wish to add liquid coral food too, we recommend using:
Coral food 99.
Which will give excellent results. This is available on our website.

All frags vary in size in appearance and so may be a different size, colour, or, shape, compared to the photo, which is shown only as a rough guide.

Some fish may peck at or eat corals. Some inverts may also do so. Remove any fish or inverts that are harassing the coral.

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