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Striated wrasse (Pseudocheilinus evanidus).

Striated wrasse (Pseudocheilinus evanidus).

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Striated wrasse (Pseudocheilinus evanidus).

Only rarely available. A shy and peaceful wrasse species which does a great job in reef aquariums of ridding them of many pests such as; flatworms, bristleworms, nudibranch, etc.


They are generally 2” to 3”. Maximum size is around 4”.


Reef safe. As with many types of wrasse it may hide when moved to a new aquarium. Most wrasses are out and about within a day or two, but, some take 3 weeks or more to appear. Don’t worry they will be coming out and feeding at night. We recommend feeding a minimum of twice per day on suitable frozen food. Some small reef fish can jump from an open topped aquarium, we recommend using a tight fitting lid with no gaps.

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