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TEMPERATE - SEE DESCRIPTION - Common cuttlefish (Sepia officinalis).

TEMPERATE - SEE DESCRIPTION - Common cuttlefish (Sepia officinalis).

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PLEASE NOTE: You must add LIVESTOCK SHIPPING to your order if you want it to be posted to you. All livestock is shipped entirely at the buyers risk. Please see our FAQ and T&C for more information on ordering, acclimatisation, settling in, and our conditions of sale.

This is a temperate species, not a tropical species, so may need to be kept at a different temperature to a standard tropical marine species. A chiller may be necessary to achieve this.

This species has specific requirements and is not suitable for a typical reef aquarium. To ensure that this animal is correctly cared for before purchasing this species you must have approval from James at Salty Revolution that you will be able to house and care for this species. Any orders for this species that are placed without prior approval will be cancelled, and a cancellation fee may be applied.

TEMPERATE - SEE DESCRIPTION - Common cuttlefish (Sepia officinalis).
Cuttlefish are best kept in a species tank. They require excellent water quality, heavy feeding (sometimes they may only eat live food), all pump intakes must be guarded with fine grills or sponges.

Various sizes available from time to time. This species grows rapidly to 20”. In old age they reach a phase called “Senescence”. Once your cuttlefish reaches this stage of their life then to avoid suffering we recommend considering euthanasia.

Usually kept as the sole inhabitant of an aquarium. Will attack, kill, or, eat, almost all possible tankmates. This species is a powerful and aggressive predator. The large powerful tentacles and crushing beak can inflict a nasty wound on the unwary aquarist. Care must be taken when handling this species.

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