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ULTRA Gold coco worm (Protula bispiralis).

ULTRA Gold coco worm (Protula bispiralis).

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ULTRA Gold coco worm (Protula bispiralis).

Coco worms are mostly ornamental, but, they do also do a useful job. They are filter feeders trapping particles in the water. This improves water clarity, and also removes lots of small pieces of uneaten food from the water which in turn leads to less nitrates, phosphates, and algae. When the feathery head on the top of the tube gets tatty or worn the Tubeworm will let the feathery head fall off and grow a new one. This is completely natural. This sometimes happens after being moved. Do not throw the tube away as it will regrow a new feathery head. Sometimes if the tube becomes damaged, or, the Tubeworm wants to move it will crawl out of it’s tube and make a new tube elsewhere. Leave the old empty tube in place, it will not pollute the water, and will slowly break up naturally. Tubeworms will feed on tiny particles in the water. You can also feed them by adding liquid coral food to the water, we recommend our own one (2+3+4), but, you can use any coral food.

ULTRA Gold coco worm are typically 1” to 2” across the head, with tubes from 8” to 16” long. The tubes are about the same thickness as a chunky crayon.

They are reef safe. As with all small creatures, some large fish may try to eat them.

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