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Yasha goby - Whiteray goby (Stonogobiops yasha).

Yasha goby - Whiteray goby (Stonogobiops yasha).

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Yasha shrimp goby / Whiteray goby (Stonogobiops yasha).

One of the more smaller shrimp Gobies. Being small they are best housed with other small peaceful fishes. Large or aggressive fish may bully them, they are only little.
They can be paired up with most species of Pistol shrimp (Alpheus sp.). The shrimp goby and Pistol shrimp will then construct a little burrow and live in it together.


Typically 1” to 2”, may reach up to 2”


Reef safe with all corals. Will pair up with most species of Pistol Shrimp (Alpheus sp.). As with most small fish, large predatory fish may try to eat them. As with most small reef fish they may jump if startled so a tight fitting lid with no gaps is recommended.


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