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Yellow tail blue damsel (Chrysiptera parasema).

Yellow tail blue damsel (Chrysiptera parasema).

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Yellow tail blue damsel (Chrysiptera parasema).

Yellow tail blue damsels are a little territorial, but, will generally keep themselves to themselves and cause no trouble if kept in groups of 10+. Male Yellow tail blue damsels may get to just over 1” long at full size. If you want something smaller or more peaceful, then instead consider Arnaz’s damsels (Chrysiptera arnazae), which are also usually in stock.


Typically shipped at less than 1”. A full sized adult male Yellow tail blue damsels may reach just over 1” at full size.


Reef safe. Best kept in large groups. Safe with almost all other small to medium sized reef fishes. As with any small fish, large predatory fish may try to eat them.


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