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Well every one has a story to tell and here's ours


Back in 2016 we decided that we wanted to change the saltwater/reef keeping world. Forever!!


After a lot of long and boring chats,Maybe even some sums and graphs. We (Dale and James) combined like transformers into one super mega awesome robot... well not robots but into the best saltwater shop in world, but you get the point. From that point on Salty Revolution was born. Now why salty revolution I hear you say, Simply we wanted to be different and raise the bar. Evolution wasn't working so we started the revolution.


The rule of our revolt are as you come in the door and we live by these rules. Its who we are and what we believe, and it don't get any better than that. So heres a quick breakdown on what we do!!


We created our own brand to ensure we could control quality, start to Dejunk a hobby full of myths and snakeoils. We use our own products in store, so if you do as we do, the results are the same.


we only sell healthy quarantined livestock,


we aim to grow 50% of our coral within 3 years and sell 25% of our fish from captive breed sources. We have an onsite coral farm, Quarantine tanks and breeding racks.


We have a 14ft display tank of gorgeousness, concept tanks to challenge your thinking, 2 X 24x3 coral table all lid by radions, 36ft of healthy and amazing fish!! Thats just the for sale tanks and a shark tank..... yes a 9ft round shark tank!!!! 


We also managed to sneak all this inside a tiki themed store, don't believe me because it sounds mental (Check out our gallery)


So why just go to a shop, when you can join a revolution!!


Well what you waiting for? 


Viva la revolución!